Burgoh is a powerful Tauren shaman who battles using the elements as his weapons. He began to train as a shaman at a young age, and has since spent his life seeking knowledge to make himself more powerful.

Early LifeEdit

At a young age, while he was still living on the plains of Kalimdor, he gained the knowledge in the skill of alchemy, learning hiow to make potions and Medicines which to this day he uses in order to heal his comrades. To this day Burgoh can be found with a bag of various potions on his person at all times.

Rise to FameEdit

Years later Burgoh left the plains in order to learn more about Shamanism and alchemy, this led him to the city of Orgrimmar, where he eventually travelled south to the troll village of Sen'Jin where he became seduced by the trolls way of life, their form of alchemy, but mainly their religion. He eventually embraced the voodoo way of life. Becoming a follower of the Loa, he was bestowed their most honored postition of Shadow Hunter. He then ventured acorss Azeroth, doing the bidding of the Loa for many a years.


While out adventuring he befriended a peculiar Blood-Elf named Velestus, though they were very different they eventually ended up becoming the best of friends upon the campaign of the Sunwell. Later in life, after Velestus had gained much respect and power through his adventures, he asked Burgoh to become a part of the Noturan council. Burgoh happily accepted, expecting this to be a easy task of sitting about, eating good food, and smoking magic herbs to make himself have strange visions. Little to his knowledge, Velestus actually intended that Burgoh would do work and be a respectable leader in the Nocturan Empire. Though Burgoh was upset about this, he eventually pulled through and became a respectable councilman.

Upon the fall of Nocturna, Burgoh was absent from civilization itself. He instead deciced to follow his the visions he was receiving through the spirits, when in actuallity this was most likely a drug induced, hallucinogenic trance which lead him to the desserts of Tanaris, upon which he stared at a empty box for a fortnight. Upon his return he was shocked to see that Nocturna had fallen. But all that anger and sadness quickly went away upon receiving pay from his duties to the city.

Endless SummerEdit

Burgoh was now a rich, rich tauren. He decided that he would travel about in a intoxicated state spending his money away for the rest of his life, it wasn't as if he was going to run out any time soon. However one day he woke up new, and completely sober. Upon not knowing how he had got to his current position in life, and somehow being even richer than when he had started his venture, he decided to clean himself up, and once again walk away from civilization...