Neutral 32 Belmezzub Blackriddle


Tiny Master of Evil





Character class(es)

Warlock, enchanter


The Cold Hand






Chaotic evil

Belmezzub is a gnome -at least believed to be so- whose affiliation is unclear. One thing for sure, though, he has some shady ties to the Void and ancient spells and entities.


The Origin of Evil; "Yes, he is a tiny gnome. But who says evil needs to come in a fearsome-looking package?" Belmezzub knows of very interesting divination and conjuration spells that are unknown to most. He drains his power to cast spells directly from the chaos of the Nether or evil spirits; both seem to work for him. Where he gains this power is unknown but it is reasonable to say that he has a pact with monsters of the Void, or voidwalkers in particular.

Carrying a baton with a spike in each of its ends and covered with shadows, he oftenly finds himself in trouble. With a look that is a parody of evil, he walks the land with tiny and fast steps. He either uses a flying broomstick to travel or summons a horse.

At Grizzly Hills, he was staying at the Amberpine Lodge until he was kicked out of it for "eating" a portion of Tanis GreenBranch's ear. After the event, he left for the Venture Bay. He stood there under the disguise of a traveling merchant as he browsed through others' goods and others browsed through his goods.

After his sudden disappearance from the Venture Bay, he reappeared at Icecrown, helping Hades at saving one of the Scourge outposts. However, his career to help the Scourge did not last long, as it seems, as he left the Icecrown to regain his freedom with Hades in the continent of Eastern Kingdoms.

Appearance & Personality Edit

Although his funny look that you could easily call a parody of all that is evil, he is very cruel and does not hestitate before taking lives. His behavior is totally a cross between troll and gnome cultures; though, the chaotic behavior that originally belongs to demons appear to be a part of his personality as well.

He has a rather long and dark beard; fitting in with his choice of dark clothing. He looks like what you'd expect a witch to look like; with his dark, glowing baton and his pointy, dark hat.

Belmezzub stare Belmezzub getting to know his enemies, the wood; as he says.