General Lightsbane TCG

The terror of Icecrown

Once knew as Balian Purehearth, he was Harthal's younger brother, a fomer paladin of the Alliance and the Argent Crusade. He was killed and raised as a death knight of the Scourge by Rowan Jenkins, he was trained by Rowan himself and served as the right hand of Scourge Commander Decoric before being promoted as Scourge commander by him, he was responsible for executing countless war prisioners held by the Scourge in the Shadow Vault, because of this and his violent and merciless behaviour, he has titled as the 'Terror of Icecrown'. He comamnded the defense of the Shadow Vault until his defeat in the siege. His remains has been stolen by a mole inside of the Kirin Tor and now awaits reanimation within the Fleshworks to fight for the scourge once more. He has become his brothers arch-nemesis and sworn enemy.

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