Blood elf 1600
Neutral 32Ammath Sunwhisper

Ammath Sunwhisper is a Fire Mage, and Lord of the Veneficus.

Early Years:Edit

During Ammath early years, he spended alot of time with his dad, who trained him in the arts of Fire Magic. When he was around 100 years, he left his familly, to get out in his own adventures. He travelled around in Eastern Kingdom for 5 years, keep training on his Magic skills. He met some friend, but he fast lost the connection with them, or they got killed. Later on, he travelled to unknown places, as he later on, when the Horde had discovered Northend, he travelled to Dalaran.


When he had come to Dalaran, he heard about a Magic gathering, he fast seeked out their leader "Tiran Smith", and he joined the "Veneficus".

The Veneficus:Edit

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