Alsorra Bowstrider
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Alsorra Bowstrider


Glistening blue eyes, pale skin, blonde hair, gem-like things infused in her leggings. A golden neckalas on her neck.


A friendly girl once you get to know her, very angry if you anger her. Shows respect to humans and other high elves, some cooperation to other races but usually some disrespect and even insults. Particular hate towards undead (Including Forsaken, and you Gregenath!)


Yes? What is it you want <Race>? The undead make me sick. Bala'dash, sister. I lost my hope and faith years ago.


Alira (Sister), Cecillia (Best Friend), Halia (Mother), Halshen (Father).

Alsorra Bowstrider was a high elf silvermoon ranger. Her family died in the scourge invasion of Quel'Thalas, only her sister, Alira, survived aswell as Alsorra.


Alsorra was a small high elf, when young, she observed rangers; unlike her "Traitorous" sister. Her sister Alira learned how to be a Sorceress, while Alsorra learned to be a ranger. She was happy for years, until......

The sky turned dark, the shadow of death fell upon Quel'Thalas. Alsorra was patrolling the area and was informed about undead invading Quel'Thalas. They attempted in spreading the word, but the undead were advancing. Alsorra fought for her life, killing undead, yet when she was outnumbered she fled to the forest. Everything was a nightmare, Alsorra abandoned hope and left Quel'Thalas in a tight escape. She wandered for days, and eventually joined Vereesa Windrunner. She followed Vereesa and loyaly obeyed her. When the years of dreadful things past, and Dalaran arrived in Northrend, Alsorra made a Diary. She thought her sister was dead, until one day she saw the truth... Alira, her sister, was on the streets of Dalaran thinking Alsorra was dead. They met, Alsorra recognized her sister, she started to cry and ran home, Alira tried to stop Alsorra, yet couldnt. Alira felt guilty and Alsorra felt deeply upset, and they did so for days. Alsorra is now in Borean Tundra, helping the Argents.



Relation: Alsorra's Sister

Status: Alive, following Alsorra


Relation: Alsorra's Mother

Status: Deceased


Relation: Alsorra's Father

Status: Deceased


Relation: Alsorra's Best Friend

Status: Alive, in Alsorra's camp helping her

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Alsorra has Ally's and Enemies like everybody.

The Argent CrusadeEdit

Ally. Alsorra doesnt take any commands from anybody but Reginald though.

The Knights of the Ebon BladeEdit

Forced Ally. Alsorra hates all knights though, but never shows it apart from muttering insults to herself.

The Silver CovenantEdit

Ally. She takes orders and helps loyaly as she is part of the covenant herself.

The HordeEdit

Enemy. However in battlegrounds like Northrend, she has a force ally. Doesnt take orders from anyone and is highly disrespectful to them, especially blood elves.

The AllianceEdit

Ally. Likes High Elves, Humans. Is ok with dwarves and gnomes. Doesnt have mutch friendship with Draenei and Night Elves.



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