Horde 32 Alan Wilkinson
Alan just recently raised.




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The Forsaken.




Gutterspeak & Common.

Alan Wilkinson is a proud member of the Forsaken Deathguards, fighting for his homeland. He believes that the Forsaken are the rightful owners of Lordaeron, as they were the Kingdoms citizens in life.

A newly initiated scrub from the Forsaken Deathguards has already accomplished the few. He helped against the Dreadlord Insurgents in Tarren Mill and on Purgation Isle. Acquiring a large scale from a fallen Pit Lord, his shield withstood a direct fire-attack from a Man'ari Eredar.

The PastEdit

The past is a long forgotten period of his life, which he no longer even thinks about, and so it will never be told to anyone else.

The only thing that he 'worries' about now is the concerns of the Forsaken. No arguements. He will fight to the bitter end if his superiors ordered him. - But that does not mean he cannot use common sense. He thinks about his moves, before he quickly joins the fray.


Approximately a year ago, Alan finished his training as a Deathguard. From here, he started to patrol Tirisfal Glades, Silverpine Forrest and such. He was a newly initiated scrub, and is still looked at like that.

But recently, his duties changed and was moved to Alterac and Hillsbrad to help with the Dreadlord Insurgents. He did a magnificent job (in his head) and helped kill a Pit Lord, Detheroc and many demons. From a large scale of the Pit Lord, he gained a shield which is resistant to fire and of good quality. It might not look like much, but its quality is immense. Now he yet again patrols the land of the Forsaken, doing as he is told.

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