Neutral 32 Akkrim


The Decapitator




Frost Vrykul

Character class



Forsaken (currently), Ebon Blade, Individual (formerly)


Unoffical Warrior of the Horde


Non specific




Mentioned father

He who had been raised into a monster of a man, born before the era in which the dwarfed Vrykul began being birthed commonly. This age old barbarian had spent nearly all his life out of hibernation as a gladitorial fighter. Since before the designated age for one of the Vrykul to be trained, his father had taught him to live as a fighter, the most popular of events at the time being the battle of gladiators. Being born within Ymirheim, both parents being of Ymirjar, Akkrim had since birth been one of the larger breeds of Vrykul, this already being a helping hand to what his father was leading him to. The day Akkrim entered his first gladitorial match was when his father was never seen again.

Years and years had gone by since the day the father of Akkrim had vanished, though it was as if the man did not even notice his own father's absence. Blood and death seemed to become his only memories of this time, his life within the ring of Valhalas granting him the title of "the Decapitator" for his most used finishing move. Akkrim had at one point been offered to take on the trial of ascendion to a true Ymirjar, though he had declined, disappearing from the ring and civilization days later.

Spending most his days afterwards within the Storm Peaks, he began to adapt to his surrounding physicaly. Placing himself into hibernation within a cave, he had awoken nearly 700 years later to find his body to have adjusted itself to the howling colds of the peaks; ice flowing though his veins, water and plantlife freezing as he neared it, even color alteration to his skin, hair and eyes. Akkrim the Decapitator had become one of the first Frost Vrykul. Akkrim returned to Jotunheim to find his way back to the Valhalas and continue doing what he was raised to do.

Akkrim would leave Jotunheim not too long after returning, then placing himself back into state of hibernation for a few hundred years or so, waking to travel back to Jotunheim and repeat this cycle. After some thousands of years of this, Akkrim had heard of a being of unmatched power, his brothren Vrykul claiming him to be the Death God himself. Akkrim did not wish to take part in this worship, thinking gods do not take physical form, and left back to his newly claimed "homelands". Akkrim was not seen again after that until the arival of the southern Azerothians.

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