Aegileif Stormbane is the daughter of Gregor Stormbane,a former Guard of Noctura and after this he was a former Templar for the Crusade(s). Sally wants to finish her fathers wish and joins the Alliance (5th Brigade) and fights against the creatures,that killed her father.

"Vengeance is my dream,hate is my energy and braveness keeps me alive" - A sentence of Aegileif Diary


Aegileif Stormbane
"this is the sword of my father! I want to fulfill the sense of this blood on his sword for the greater good!" Aegileif,after Trying to convince Ajoro to become his Squire


Kind,curious,lovely,mercyfull to Allianced people,mercyless to Horde-Scums.


She has Green-Blue eyes


IconSmall Human Male IconSmall Human Female


In her free times,casual clothes. In her Military times,she wears a tight cloth overall,so warm her alot. Then a Plate gear which secured her of physical attacks


IconSmall Warrior Yet untalented squire


Ajoro Longblade


Gregor Stormbane (K.I.A by scourge) Jenny Stormbane (Fell asleep,rests in peace)


IconSmall Human Female Shes a pure human and her Alignment is Goodminded-Aggressive


She has an arousing body,an almost 90/60/90 body and her face looks quite nice

Aegileif was born in Goldshire,by her mother,Jenny Stormbane. She rarely sees her father,she often shees him fighting or injured,but she was proud that she got him.

In her childhood,Aegileif often "trained" with her father or she swung her sword around the air,which gave her some skill,rather if its yet unprofessional or not.

She visited a school,got teached in the life of a farmer and has many abilitys for jobs,but all these jobs werent nice for her,she said.

After her father died,because of a Orcish Warlock,Aegileif went to a barack to Stormwind,trying to survive and get a parttimejob.


Name: Aegileif Stormbane

Class: Warriorress

Faction/Sub faction alignment: Alliance,Alliance Expedition,Ajoros Squire

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Personality:Unmannered,sometimes immature,brave,tempered,plain,aware

Age: 16


Status of herEdit

Physical Power: (70/100) Strong for a woman

Magical Power: (0/100) None.

Physical Defense: (50/100) She trained defense and stuff in her free time,but still shes lacking of many tactics (Squire-like)

Magical Defense: (0/100) Without her Armor-none.

Knowledge: (40/100) She sometimes reads books and she visited the school.

Rune-useage: (0/100) None

Magic-useage: (0/100) None

Melee-useage: (100/100) Always,later she gets really skilled in this

Ranged-useage: (0/100) None

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