"What we do for ourselves dies with us; what we do for others and the world remains and is immortal." - Aderathon Lighthammer ==Childhood== Aderathon's parents, Andrés and Lilian, were among those who rebuilt Moonbrook after the Orcs had destroyed it in the First War and that is also where they raised their first son, Aderathon. His father was a soldier in the Stormwind Army and his mother took care of the family's small patch of land just outside Moonbrook. Already at a young age Aderathon displayed a strong and pure faith in the Light. When Aderathon was about ten he and his younger brother Darwick received some basic military training by their father. ==Leaving Moonbrook and joining the Silver Han
Aderathon Lighthammer


Aderathon Lighthammer


Lord of the Order of the Hammer





Place of birth

Moonbrook, Westfall


Darwick (younger brother), Andrés (father, killed), Lilian (mother, killed)

== When Aderathon was at the age of 15, his parents were killed as the Defias took Moonbrook. Aderathon managed to flee to Stormwind with his younger brother where they managed to find some shelter. Due to his faith in the Light still being strong despite the recent events in his life, Aderathon visited the Cathedral of Light on a regular basis which was soon noticed by a priestss working there.

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