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Reclamation of Malorne





Adeith Starlyre had been raised by one of the few 'families' of Night Elves, given the fact that they were immortal and apparently didn't enjoy sex anymore. But I digress, the family was one who's ancestors served with the Sentinels for ages past, guarding the interests of the Kal'dorei. She grew into much the same profession as her family, taking her families side as a sentinel guard. She did extremely well into her training, coming out to be a sentinel who excelled at her abilities in the later years.

As the path of all Wardens were, she had been given the honour to join the ranks of the Wardens by Maiev, in time being able to receive her own uniform, now capturing bounties of thieves and those who strayed off towards corruptive paths.

Burning Crusade / Wrath of the Lich KingEdit

Only several years after the Third War did she decide to take a path leading her away from her own land, no longer being as needed within Ashenvale, to take bounties posted by the Alliance, and find a life away from home. A vigilante, as one may say. It wasn't until after Illidan had fallen that she left the Eastern Kingdoms, to assist the Kal'dorei effort within Northrend during the Northrend Campaign. (Oh, what a campaign.)

Once the Lich King had fallen, and Ice Crown sealed off, she had turned her eyes towards her own promising hunt, Vendesa. Having dealt with him once within Crystalsong Forest, she sought him out from his dwelling within Feralas, again returning to her Kalimdor home. It was during her hunt for Vendesa that Noillaz, whom she'd met during her time in Northrend, saught her out in an effort to thwart Racar's actions in Wintergrasp. Following the battle, they spoke of all those evily evil villain d00ds, and Noillaz was all "hey you wanna join?" and Adeith was all "Lol for sure."

Thats how it happened. thumb|314px|left

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